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Display Images, Play Videos, Use New/Ready HTML Templates, Enjoy Live feeds

We facilitate wholesome signage opportunities across domains - be it hotels, banquets, restaurants, large retails, smart buildings, multi dwelling units or shopping malls. Experience the best and most user-friendly interface for brand recognition, also serving as an information kiosk for your target audience.


your digital signage solution

Our team has designed and developed a TV, Smartphone and tablet based guest interactive application product solution. The application is developed with multi-platform and single sign-on, leveraging data from IoE and IoT devices so as to provide a wide range of feature rich solutions.

  • Easy to install
  • Web 3.0 based intuitive design
  • Rich on features, low on cost
  • Creative support in developing promotional videos and image slides
  • Remote technical support
  • Remote support during office hours

Digital Display

Product Highlights

  • Authentication based control on selective display unit
  • Scheduling of content (images, videos and text) for display on multiple screens
  • Manipulation of display time for assets on designated screens
  • Display of single asset on one or multiple screens
  • Provision of displaying designated image as default

Digital assets supported

  • Display Images, Play Videos, New/Ready HTML Templates

Content Management Dashboard

Seamless guest experience for hospitality

Control Features

  • Grouped management of terminals
  • User management for Master Content Administrator
  • Upload and Search your digital assets
  • Create and Edit playlists with multiple assets
  • Pre-schedule playlists/ Plug-n-Play
  • Create and Edit templates with custom information