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for smart buildings, hotels, service apartments and homes

The Smart Business Solution with SMARTLER provides a wide list of features for businesses and end customers helping them to achieve a remarkably smart, comfortable and convenient way forward to modern living.

In-built features of

Smart Room Solutions

  • Smart Lighting depending on time of day/weather
  • Control of room ambience (indoor temperature control)
  • Drapes control
  • Control on any / all sorts of IR devices (TV/Set Top Boxes/Home theatres/AC; etc.)
  • Synchronised mood settings
  • Remote Room Surveillance
  • Information kiosk - live feeds for weather, flight, currency, etc.
  • Community Services like - Common area booking, Service requests, etc.
Smartler Home Automation

SMART Business solutions

bring home the smart technology

SmartHome is a complete home automation system enhancing lifestyle and convenience. Introduce SmartHome to your life and enjoy the comfort of modern living with the home control solutions, along with benefits of a safer home for your near and dear ones; while at home or away. As residents of multi-dwelling units (MDUs) enjoy the comfort, convenience and safety coupled with lower energy consumption - efficient use of energy is "a feather in your cap".

The SmartHome app is supported on:

  • iOS 5 or later
  • Android 2.2 or later
  • PC Windows 7 or later; Mac OSX

SMART Hospitality Solution

Seamless guest experience for hospitality

Customer experience and comfort is central to the hospitality domain. SMARTLER comes with the room automation system for hoteliers offering convenience of control on multiple functions in a hotel room - including lighting, temperature, drapes and audio/video systems with usage of automated interfaces for guests.
Ensure flawless integration with HVAC, lighting, door locks alongside guest entertainment options in digital form, via IPTV solutions (with high definition on-demand and OTT contents).

Access relevant information from the data cloud and enable a smart living experience for your guests - they will only need access to smart devices (iPad/ iPhone/ Android tablet/ smartphone) - and with a tap of the finger, things get done with our intelligent architecture working in the backdrop.

Smartler Home Automation
Smartler Home Automation

The Smart Living


  • Available in BYOD [Bring Your Own Device] model
  • Retro-fit, Plug-n-Play - can be installed on existing home Wi-Fi setup clubbed with complete flexibility in customisation
  • Building Management Portal with intuitive user access based dashboards
  • Integrated with major providers of LRC panels enabling you to smarten your unconnected electric devices
  • Real-time energy consumption data is the most attractive value added feature of this app that allows the end user to monitor energy usage on the go