Enhance the guest experience
grow your hospitality business

Use Smartler TV to strengthen and enhance your hospitality business - a smart, interactive TV solution. Incorporate distribution of high definition TV channels in hotel rooms along with an interactive platform for communication with hotel guests.

Use Smartler TV
enhance your business

To lot of your guests the entertainment world revolves around a TV. The interactive feature of SMARTLER is an add-on to the TV display, with a faster and prominent means of information to guests along with provisions for easy navigation to desired content, services or information.

Comfort for your guest
business for you

  • Engage your guests with easy navigation, simple remote control, multiple languages (fully customised HD user interface)
  • Allow them to enjoy options for TV channel management
  • Provide a single platform for guest applications like - view bill, guest messaging, wake-up alarm, fire alarm amd a lot more
  • Enable community services booking, F&B ordering, internet browsing, TV control etc. on the interactive TV UI
  • Serve as information kiosk to your guest (hotel/ local/partner information, World News, weather updates, flight schedules, etc.)
  • Use the IPTV solutions as a powerful branding and promotional tools for your hotel
  • Ease of compatibility
    with smart devices

    Our IPTV and Interactive TV Solution are compatible with major LED and/or Smart TVs from renowned brands like Samsung, Sony, and LG etc. The Smartler TV App can be installed on handheld devices of the guest (running on iOS/ Android OS).