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have control on your energy usage

Use of effective tools like a smart meter enable you to compare the energy usage over a given time span helping in overall monioring and control of your home in an energy efficient manner.

Smart way forward

to performance management

Today every aspect of a product is measured for its performance. The Smart Room Solutions from MSR as well, serves no exception to it - you can now get a comprehensive insight into the energy usage pattern of your household.

Smart Meter
Smart Meter


Efficiently monitor your

  • Energy Usage Pattern
  • Current Energy Usage
  • Energy usage for previous months
  • Comparison of energy usage
  • Comprehensive report on energy billing

Efficient use of energy

"A feather in your cap"

Enjoy comfort, convenience and safety coupled with lower energy consumption. Manage, monitor and track all your energy consumptions from the convenience of your smart device.

Efficiently monitor your

  • Experience advanced energy efficiency
  • "GO GREEN" - save on energy cost, contribute to saving planet Earth
  • Optimize your energy bills – be a smart green citizen, smaller carbon footprints coming your way
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